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while i like the idea of the manga not ending before the hokages are released, why do we think sasuke and co will be the ones to do it? he currently hates the senju way of life so i dont understand how it benefits him to release the best of them...
sasuke doesnt really have a side except his own. he doesn't side with itachi, obito or naruto, just his own ideal memory of the uchiha clan and what he wants to make of it. he is however open to listening to anyone's perspective. he's listened intently to all 3 of those defining characters so why not hashirama as well?

hashirama is dead so it's not like he'll just be revived and fully capable of fighting sasuke and orochimaru. it will most likely be similar to ET or talking in some kind of spirit dimension where there isn't any physical threat. not only does the knowledge benefit sasuke, but using the hokages in a similar fashion to ET would be a huge advantage for him. if that happens, my guess would be that tobirama breaks the technique since he is the one who invented it.

I know people are tired of ET, so am I, but it's clearly the route kishi has gone with the story. might as well bring back everyone of consequence at this point. he cant make death any less meaningful now
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