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I'd rather see a Naruhina attack than what we got tbh. Kurama giving out chakra willy nilly? More Neiji remembrance? More of Ino-Shinka-Chouji combo? I'm getting tired of it, Naruhina combo would at least move things along and be different.
A NaruHina attack would have imploded the fandom. We've seen enough of Hinata as main heroine.

At least Super Ino-Shika-Cho makes some sense if they are following Shikaku's plan. What doesn't make sense is why Madara just doesn't kill Shikamaru now? You know, the guy leading the effort to hold the most powerful thing that ever existed? You kill him and the Juubi is free. But I am sure Madara will make a bored joke instead. And he wonders why he always loses.

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Ino still being in love with Sasuke was terrible. I always thought she did that just to piss off Sakura but now it seems to be "real". Way to ruin what little devolopment she had. Has she even spoken to him or had any interaction with him throughout the series?
Just watch. Karin will also still be in love with Sasuke. But at least Karin and Sakura actually spent time with Sasuke and talked to him. Ino is just a joke.

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