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There is a very big big Difference between Kakashi and Shikamaru, Kakashi smarts is a combination of Experince and Intelligence, that's why Kakashi could be as good as Shikamaru at doing tactics(By Kakashis own admission).

Shika Doesn't have the experience as Kakshi, but even as this, Shika tactics tops even Kakashi himself, as latest Manga Chapters has shown.

People just don't get this, Shikamru fighting Tool is his Brain, just as The Sharingan is Kakashi's Fighting tool, Kakashi couldn't had that success against Zabuza just using his Tactics, whereas Shikamaru have defeated a Shinoby more powerful than Zabuza on tactics alone.

Originally Posted by Supaiku_of_Sand
I dont invent false truhts.
But Ok, if you say you have an IQ over 140, I don't really mind about it, but I really find it strange that a person that needed anger management has so high IQ level, and amongst other thing I analyzed about you already.
"when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." -

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