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In my opinion, assuming that Shika has this 200 IQ while Kakashi hasn't, the true difference is made by the experience. Nobody sound would say that Shika has equal or superior experience than Kakashi. It means that even being smarter, Shikamaru would be unable to manage loads of situations that Kakashi would instead be able to manage.

While Kakashi's contribution to every kind of mission is obviously going to be of a great impact, Shika has long way to go to become as determinant as Kakashi. His life will say if he'll turn up to be a super smart ninja (and I hope so) or just the average guy - which is, btw, what he aimed to be. So the IQ thing is a fact, but then all the personal attitudes and features kick in and you simply don't know who Shikamaru is going to be.
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