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Thx for everyone to remind me the Chan-Kan Yumi pulls off on Saki.

Just a sudden thought: maybe Saki should bring a stronger player to the final (if she still has the luxury to choose in the semi-final) instead of a weaker one. Even in the prefectual final Koromo don't really ron directly from Saki, but keep on getting scores from the weakest player (Kana) and or course Haitei. Since Saki will not dealt into a hand (for the past 7 years she only dealt into a hand once unintentionally), and Awai seems cannot Tsumo when activiting her double-richi ability (all her hands on rons), Saki will only have a hard time if someone keep on dealting into Awai. If the other players are strong, they can even out the table so Saki don't need to go for a crazy Yakuman hand at the end.
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