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Originally Posted by NeutralZero View Post
That line kinda make Saki looks like a stalker...
And what's funny is that Saki can never be a good stalker... she always had a hard time locating a stationary toilet and have the habit of tripping herself...

I say who else here would agree to let Igurashi~sensei to do the art for the main manga as well? I know there will be some changes from the art style but we've been following achiga-hen for quite some time and we're used to its style by now... the downside is the drop on boobs quality and I know a number of people here loves their boobs toned to perfection... what? don't look at me like I'm one of those oppai-loving bunch... seriously now... we'll have a drop on boobs quality but we might get double the number of pages or maybe even more... not to mention a lot of progress in the main story... not bad, right?
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