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I've grown up with snow all my life. I live in an area where 2 or 3 feet of snow is pretty normal during winter. Having lived with it this long, some people think i would pretty sick of it by now, but its just normal for us here in Montana.

I hear stories like Seattle pretty much shutting down after a skiff of snow, and i cant help but chuckle to myself. It snowed about a foot today, and no schools or businesses closed, the plows have had to run all day, but nobody missed work. It's almost like two different worlds.

The worst was when i lived in Wyoming for a year. At 6000 feet elevation and being mostly flat, the snow didn't stick, but the wind pushed into drifts that could get ridiculous, like 15+ feet in some areas. Sometimes the snow would drift up against your car and freeze solid, effectively grounding your vehicle unless you chipped it all away.
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