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And I'm guessing that the usual top three males are Char, Kira, and Amuro (with Kamille at #5), and the usual two females are Sayla and Lacus.

I know that Heero is normally a Top 10 mainstay, but is that his highest so far?

As for D-Hell, is this the first time that a Wing MS that isn't Wing Zero appears on the polls?
Yup, more or less. Sayla, Lacus, and whatsername from 08th MS.

Dunno... Heero's up from 5th last month and in August he was 8th, which was the same as the previous month. Relena didn't rank at all in August, came up from 20th last month, and fell to 11th this month.

It might not be rare, but I doubt it's usual, either. Wing Zero was 20th in August, was 12th last month, and D-Hell didn't rank at all until this month (probably up due to the new model kit coming out), nor did any other suit from Wing.

I'm uploading the FT scans right now. They should be done uploading in a few hours! I'll scan GotD when I can, I have to shit out an illustration for class tomorrow morning before I do any more scanning.
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