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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
I didnt notice there was like an auto aim function until I randomly discovered it in-game earlier, It would have made life a little easier at the start.
Hold on a minute... There's an auto-aim function?

I done pretty well in the last game I had and in the first 5 minutes I'd racked up 3 kills when myself and a few other teammate full on blitzkrieged the enemies base but ended up being taken down by 2 tankbusters waiting in the bushes at the rear of their spawn which wasn't so bad since we had a good run and whittled the enemy down to about 4 units overall. What made it worse was that when I went into spectator mode and found the remaining tanks on my team where all hiding at the bushes.

They all leechers have you tried typing to them and see if they will move in for the kill?
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