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I'll end it before April.
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Alright, there are several things I'm confused about and I'd like to be clarified if possible, and if the answer isn't a spoiler of course:
  • At first, I assumed Suzuha found out about the meeting her father was supposed to go to because she knew he posted under the username "Barrel Titor" there. However, it appears Daru wasn't using this name yet, so how come she found out about this particular meeting even though she knew jack shit about her father?
  • Hashida Suzu. She was supposed to suffer from amnesia in the previous world line, so how could she take her father's name?
  • Who did Okabe send a D-mail to and what did he write? I see SERN mentioned there. I assume he sent it either to himself or Suzuha, telling her to leave before the storm.
For the first one, for me, it's her mother who said that to her and said that her father used the name of Barrel Titor. But her mother probably didn't tell her that her father did'nt use Barrel Titor back then. In the end, I think it's because of Suzuha that Daru will use later the nickname of Barrel Titor.

She remembred eveything one year before her death. That's why she wrote this letter because, if it was not the case, she wouldn't.

He sent a d-mail to himself to tell him to not stop Suzuha in episode XXX.


I didn't think much of Kurisu's absence, but now that you mention it... If Kurisu is dead, then that would explain why Moeka's group didn't go after the lab for one, since no Kurisu = no time machine. I can't imagine how Suzuha's action in the past could lead to Kurisu's death, but anything's possible with the butterfly effect

Well actually, I think it's more probable that Mayuri is not saved yet. I'm saying that but if that's the case then how could this happen ? After all, from what I understand, in the beta line, Mayuri always died at this time. So if she didn't die her that's mean it's not the beta line anymore no ? Then...
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