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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
In episode 10, there was a meeting where Suzuha wanted to attend because she said her father was supposed to be there. However, she never saw her father there and without much warning, she left in her time machine though Okabe wanted her to stay and join their party for the lab members.

This is where the first big hints that Daru was Suzuha's father popped up because of some strange camera focuses and the fact that Daru missed the meeting that Suzuha went to for Okabe's little get together.

Okabe decided to change the past by sending a d mail to stick with suzuha and prevent her from going back. There was a storm that nigh though so when Okabe changed the past so that Suzuha stayed, her time machine also stayed but got broken by the storm.

What Okabe did in this last episode was send a dmail to nullify the previous dmail, to not keep Suzuha in the current timeline. Hence, the group (Besides Okabe) lost all their good memories with Suzuha and she never stayed through that rain storm in the first place.
Alright I'm vaguely starting to remember some of this now. At least the part where Suzuha mentions that she wanted to meet her father and there being some kind of storm. I definitely still don't remember Okabe sending a d-mail or her wanting to go back in the past or whatever or something though. Obviously it happened though, must have let my attention drift or something.
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