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[Anime-only] Naruto Shippuden Episode 247 Discussion

Welcome to this week's episode discussion thread posted before it airs in Japan (which is Thursday at 07:29 PM).
  • Naruto Forum RULES...
    • DO NOT ASK where to download RAWs or Fansubs... and DO NOT MENTION fansub group names...
      For further information please visit the Naruto Licensed! Ask for it = Ban thread
  • Thread Guidelines...
    • Absolutely no manga spoilers in any anime-only threads such as the weekly Episode Discussion threads. That means, no hints, or vague remarks about a future event from the manga, even within the spoiler tags. Inability to observe this rule will result in a BAN!
    • Discuss your expectations of this episode if it hasn't aired yet.
    • Be polite to your fellow forum members.
    • Do not vote before the episode has been "released".
    • Try to keep the discussion on topic.

      Everyone is encouraged to use the report post button if these rules are broken. The button is located in the left hand corner, at the bottom of every user name. It will notify a moderator who will deal with such post according to the rules.

The Nine-Tails is Targeted - 狙われた九尾 ~ Nerawareta Kyūbi.

Animation Supervisor: Hong Rong (237, 228, 220) & Yuuko Ishizaki (237, 228, 220)
Storyboard: Shinji Satou (240, 237, 232)
Episode Director: Hisashi Ishii (237)
Screenplay: Junki Takegami (245, 241, 234)

Next Episode:
tba - tba ~ tba.

Next week is a double episode.
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