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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post

For all complaint and such, we all have to admit that in the sense of erotic material, this episode is by miles better than anything pornographic industry dream to produce.s
This just seems like a rather dubious achievement to me.

I've made an exception in making this the first Nisemonogatari episode I've voted on myself. That vote being a 10. You should probably understand that what so many viewers/posters here are celebrating is moreso the spectacle of the event--the opportunity to be moved together and moved powerfully by a portrayal so outrageous/extraordinary it's rarely seen.
Really? Cause on this forum it seems like it happens every month or so. But in other words what you are saying is that the ratings are completely meaningless from any sort of critical standpoint, which is basically what I had been trying to point out since my very first post. We've ultimately come to the same conclusion albeit through different perspectives, which means this conversation has been pretty interesting in my estimation....but I'm not sure the mods will agree since yet again a post I've made has turned into a chain of them. I'll probably opt to duck out of this current tangent now. Anybody who wants to continue just shoot me a PM or VM and I'll be more than happy to chat.

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