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Yea, so like this show is about the growth of characters after going past their ordeals and so they'd change their lives for the better. Karen, being typically a tomboy, decides to try something else in order to surprise araragi, and we wonder how the events of the previous arc have influenced her, and so they engage in some rather interesting teasing.

And that's where the episode went into the shitter. Karen's kinda hot in some angles, but talk about looking into a gag for so long. I've never seen a scene where a phallic object was shoved into an attractive girl's mouth for so long that was so boring to the point where I was like meh, you guys can stop now.

Just really bleh humor and stretching a funny thing for a long time a good episode doesn't make. And of course Shaft fanservice is hit and miss. They're not exactly known for their nice animation and art ya know.

It also confirms to me that Shinbo or maybe who's writing is a foot fetishist. That's pretty cool and all and gets a +2. 3/10
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