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This is supposedly the start of the second story and where did we even get? Oh yes, it took an entire fucking 20+ minutes to deliver the idea that Karen wants to see Kanbaru because she admires her. WOW. Are we serious?
Haha you should read Andrew C's review of Nise 2, the end for this part of the story made him so mad he....

I was so god damn angry I stopped reading for two days.
He pretty much ripped Nise 2 into pieces...

Nisemonogatari 2: The Problem with Nisioisin

I was so happy to see these characters in action again that I cheerily overlooked a few niggling problems in the first Nisemonogatari. The second volume beats you in the face with them till you simply can't ignore them, and start making mental lists of all Nisioisin's greatest failings as a writer, virtually all of which are on display here. The only thing he doesn't do is explain the deductive process exhaustively.
And from than on it's spoiler territory... but it's consensus that this is the worst novel of the series and for the most part Kizu is the best, so it can only get better from this point on for people watching it as you are.
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