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Children from Korea, Taiwan and Japan go through regular English language instructions at certain point of their mandatory education life, followed by hardcore night-cramming classes. Not surprising when English words & phrases begin making it into their daily lives.

Though they can read English to a certain degree, they are bad-to-terrible at speaking. Then there are cases where I've got some acquaintances who cannot understand regular English words, but somehow able to comprehend Japanized English. Example: they cannot understand the word number but can perfectly comprehend what I meant when I said nanba.

Nonetheless, in the case of my nephew, he went to a German invested school in Tokyo, and had the choice of either picking up English or German as his 2ndary language education.

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And sound just marvelous, when they do.
Personally, I rather they wouldn't. I loved Hamasaki back in the day because she never used English in her lyrics. Not that I have a problem, but placement of English words & phrases in Japanese lyrics have to be somewhat precise in order to avert sounding peculiar or worse, gibberish. For example, a particular character song in Clannad was sang in incomprehensible English, and while the singer actually speaks English fine, the lyrics came out utterly and completely wrong.

- Tak

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