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What got me into One Piece was definately the Kuro Arch.
That guy was so out there, I mean he really just kind of faked this entire relationship with this sick, frail girl for three whole years just so he could eventually kill her and take her inheritance.

That got me, it clasped onto my heart and refused to let go. I never thought that a cartoon character could flush out my own morals like that. From then on, it was all about, "What will they do next?" Then the characters started to develope and the conflicts became much greater(war and even some rascism/elitism in the Arlong Park Arch)

What I find to be the best thing about One Piece though is it's theme, fighting for your dreams. Even the villians do it; Kuro went to extreme lengths to set up this cushy life for himself, Krieg was so driven to be the strongest that he even tried to keep fighting while unconcious, and Arlong truly believed that he was part of the "Master Race" even going so far as drawing up plans to conquer East Blue.

It's the kinda show everybody can relate to but at the same isn't too serious that you can't use it to escape to an extent. Yeah, that fits nicely...

Anyway, that's why I like One Piece!

Oh, and let's not forget...
"Sogeki no shima de... umareta ore wa!"
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