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One Piece is awesome.
It is the most original manga you will ever read and the anime is no exception. The characters are vivid and colourful and they never lack personality. Luffy is the most amazing character in any anime I have seen. He is cheerful, funny, optimistic, and a bit of an idiot. But his determination to protect his friends and his true strength is always incredible to read about. He is a quirky character that never gives up for his friends. Why does he protect them, until he's almost dead? He's not afraid of dying, and he will happily accept his fate whataver the case.

The other characters are no exception. A swordsman that wields three swords, a talking reindeer, a cook who only uses his legs to fight with, a robot that's fueled by cola? How original do you want it to be?! The action sequences and the artwork is inspiring and it has that UBER-COOL factor that most animes obviously have, but this one stands out. It has charm.

Of course, there is no one part in One Piece that isn't absolutely hilarious, that is until you hear about somebody's life that has been ruined by the next villain, and Luffy beats them to a bloody pulp, of course, and he doesn't take any shit.

If you want to see One Piece in all its glory, check out the Water Seven arc.
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