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I enjoyed this episode too. Agreed that it's a filler. But we always need a break between the first half and the second half of the series =)
Then people would start to complaint how no one was sent after them as they travelled from Hokkaido to Tokyo otherwise. Also their covers would not be blew off if the second half incident didn't happen

The plot is predictable? Wow surely you guys watched a lots of anime. First i thought the episode end with the doll smuggling turn to something big. It didn't. Then i thought the episode ended as a cliff-hanger: Suou and July are caught, and Hei followed them just like that. Glad they didn't try to drag it into another episode . Before the ED, i was kind of excited with the fact "who need electricity-control ability while you are a badass" , right? Take him short enough to get a guy who was driving a car on the freeway, with a piece of wire

So yeah, Hei showed who is the boss again. July is more likable now (he should keep his current hairstyle); and Suou is really adorable and cool for a gun-slinger girl standard

PS: the only thing which i have to complaint is: i thought Hei's puple coat is random picked, but it seems he bring it with him everywhere now. Also, he should be shaved before he wear his fake beard, right? Also i want my Suou in uniform D:
Damn Hei and his fetist, who else here can force Suou change clothes during a run. Or do he feel less guilty if Suou do not wear something high school-ish?
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