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Originally Posted by hei View Post
My impression so far says the answer is "no". I think the entire story about the syndicate and contractors would have settled in the ODA series and S2's theme is something new. In S2, all the contractors are fodders. Hamburger guy, Magician, Water woman, Psycho guy, ... They are just easy come, easy go. And Hei lost his contractor's ability, too. For me, it looks like saying that “we are not talking about contractors anymore!” Instead, dolls come into spotlight of S2: Yin, July, and probably Suou.
S1 focused a lot on the dolls too. If I remember correctly, there were 3 arcs devoted to dolls. Amber (I'm bringing her up once again ) was the one who impressed on Hei that the dolls were showing all the signs of change. And so were the contractors. Hei as an exception held true until Huang's wife came along. She committed suicide to protect Huang from the syndicate and the contractors were supposed to be too rational to commit suicide. And then there the development in regards to Yin where she broke all norms held by dolls. It was even specifically hinted in the finale that the dolls were the key to bridging the gap for the next phases of human evolution.

Right now the impression I get from the preview for the upcoming OAD episodes is that the 4 episodes will bridge whatever transpired after season 1 concluded. Those episodes should also fill in the gap to what made Hei the "Hobo Hei" who is living the dream.

While I agree with you that this season is about the dolls, S1 had already set it up. S2 will provide the conclusion to the story.

Originally Posted by Lostdreams View Post
My fav char in this show. Too bad she's gone. .
She is my favorite too. Considering Mao supposed to be gone also, may be there are hope for Amber. I know... wishful thinking.

To Yura`: I definitely recommend a rewatch of S1 if you can afford the time. A lot of things about S2 starts making sense. The only thing that is lacking in S2 is the great scores by Yoko Kanno.
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