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First thing: no transformation scene yay gets a 10 rating now.

Okay now on to more important stuff.

Suou goes into killing mode involuntarily. No she was not in a trance if she was we would have been showed her bleak eyes. What most likely happen is that she was very focused on saving July and that she had to neutralize the women but she wasn't gauging the amount of damage she was causing. She was intencely focused on her throwing that she had not sense of what was happening around her and the effect she was having on her target and at the same time it made her forget about her convictions for life that she showed very strongly up till now. When Mao called her it just made her brake her concentration and she was then able to gage she might have over done it. Also Suou was also acting very emotional in this episode as well. Her decision to jump into that truck to try and go rescue July was not rational it was emotional based on her feelings towards July. Iím pretty sure in the coming episodes Suou will reflect on that.

Also I am starting to think of the following. on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents the logical thinking of a normal human and 100 would represent the perfect logical contractors you could say the following:
1: Contractors would all be placed in the 90-100 section of the scale.
2: Humans would occupy the 0-10 portion of this scale.
Now where would Hei be? He wasnít a very rational contractor in season 1 but he always gave me the felling he was more rational the regular humans. So I would place Hei at say 25. Now Suou is acting a lot more rational the Hei ever did by a long shot, but she is also very strongly driven by her emotions, at times she is extremely logical and other extremely emotional. She isnít in the same patch as normal contractors. I would place her at 50 since she is quite equally thorn between the 2.

Hei and his hero rave music for the save. Was cool fight I must admit and was awesome to see Hei kicking ass. But 2 things bothered me in that scene.
1: When Hei jumped to the other side of the car and pulled on his string like a mad men he cuts the dudeís fingers with his wire but he doesnít cut into the neck at all. Seeing that I like WHAT!!! Total realism breaker.
2: When Suou tanks him for the rescue Hei said she should thank July. Most people here seem to think itís in relation to the apparition ghost. However the bigger question is how did Hei know where to find them? He couldnít call in information from sources on someone who is moving in a car. I wonder if Hei has not regained his ability to see observer ghosts again. Like Suou saw ghosts before her powers awakened. Because short of that there is no way I can see Hei finding them like he did as fast as he did.

Mao taped to the car window was funny. And heís also a lolicon, what is he thinking holding onto and looking a 13 year olds skirt.

Now for the body that was actually not the body of the doctor. I do not believe that Shion created a body. If he did he would have had to pay remuneration again. I still think his power is to bring back someone from death as would be suggested by episodeís 1 scene of Shion and Suou getting hit by the star and then Shion calling Suou name when she is nowhere to be seen.
That body is probably created by plain science, they had it plan out long ago that something like this would happen and they would need to escape one day. He probably had a spare body on hand not to mention that ME stuff seems to take no time at all to do. Remember season 1 the first arc of that lady that was associated with the French agents. Well she too was just a body with the memory of someone else. They do live in a world of hover cars, wacky pumped up science and where you memory can be erased, modified, removed, copied, implanted and whatever else. So having a spare body is no surprise at all since he was working in an ME lab and thus probably had equipment to create bodies as well to implant memory into and test his experiments.

This makes me wonder is Suou also just a body with fake memories, like that girl from season1, only Suou is a more advance version.
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