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So I just watched the episode again. I still don't understand why Suou and Genma seem perfectly personable and functioning to a point where Ilya didn't know Suou was a contract at first, while Tanya seems completely out of it. I remember the contractors from Ambers group from season 1 seemed like functioning individuals as well. Tanya is more doll like then a contractor.

EDIT : speaking of Genma, who think he is trying to fool Misaki into thinking he is on her side? He could be acting under order to get more info
At the end of S1, we go deeper into the Contractor psyche. They're still emotional and functional individuals with curiosity, and feelings. It's just that they limit decision making to rational behavior instead of emotional behavior. At the end of S1 when Amber was talking to Hei about Contractors, she revealed that as time went by bit by bit the Contractors are beginning to behave differently, and eventually they grouped together and want to fight for their rights to be classified as humans again. The more information you acquire (life experience) the more changes you would make to you logical reasoning. So in the end they are functional individuals, just different. We can probably assume that each Contractor's behavior is different from each other, just like a human individual. Some might take a longer time to re-understand human connection, some might take less.

In Suou's case, the reason is not revealed yet (but probably will be later on in the story), Hei and Mao did theorize that it's because she was still young and didn't have enough information in her brain to think logically yet. Which makes sense, if you don't know what's most beneficial to you, you won't know what's the most logical decision. While in Tanya's case it is probably her own individual psyche that makes her differnet than Suou.

Suou's reasoning is that she doens't need to kill when it is unnecessary, It would just cause more problems. It seems to be a very human reasoning, but it is VERY logical too. Hei was just forcing her to kill, it wasn't for food or for survival, killing for fun and for no reason would be the illogical thing to do.

Tanya's reasoning is that she needs to secure herself a safety position in the Russian military or else she would be the one to die. Who ever gets in her way would just need to pay the price. She did have mercy though, since she let Nika live the first time (she even mentioned it), but not the next time .
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