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Which is why:

If it were normal pilots, the Tears wins by spam alone.

But its Riz, who has Oowashi flight pack equipped. She who could strike down a dozen IS at once with blindingly fast sword strikes.

And she's against Gin. The only non-graduate pilot in NCCS who can Double Shot, which is a move that puts 2 shots at the exact same spot from a semiauto. This causes shields to deform to the 1st shot, then the 2nd shot hits the weakened spot, causing it to break and trigger ABS. In other words, a 1 shot kill.

I guess though, Riz still has a chance as the MP version of Tears doesn't have funnels, but has the Hi-MAT system in its place. If Riz was against Cecily, the Oowashi pack would provide the means to close at high speed. Even without Oowashi, and with Tenmoku, Riz can still dodge around looking for an opening.
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