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Where's the difference? I don't like the term "betrayed", but when Mitsuki started to freak it was very obvious to her and perfectly clear for the viewers that Takayuki was making out with Haruka aswell.

I remember Haruka's reactions from ep1 just fine. She was also _very_ insecure when Takayuki was dating her halfhearted, until Takayuki made things clear. Now in the current situation, he's "officially" with Mitsuki and falling for Haruka. When Haruka finds out about this, the playing field is pretty much leveled again between Mitsuki and Haruka. Both have a valid "claim" for Takayuki, and he's in the middle. I doubt that the past serenity in Haruka will remain, in fact, not a bit.

I don't want to diss anybody here, but Haruka simply had no idea at all. But simply not knowing the facts and "trusting" are two entirely different pairs of shoes.
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