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You're right, "betrayed" is a little too extreme. Very well, Takayuki ditched Haruka and started dating Mitsuki. Mitsuki did not KNOW for sure she was losing Takayuki, she only assumed this because he was visting Haruka and she had nice things to say about him. She later ASSUMED that Takayuki loved Haruka and that he made out with her when Mitsuki asked him and he had to pause. A pause does not mean yes or no. Besides, her trust with him is comparably weaker than Haruka's. When Haruka caught Takayuki and Mitsuki together during the festival, she was not suspicious at all. When Takayuki visits Haruka in the hospital, Mitsuki is all over Takayuki needing reassurance.

In ep 1, Haruka acted that way because she knew that their relationship had gotten off on the wrong foot, plus it had nothing to do with trust. Both of them knew that their relationship was very weak and had no real love at first.

In short, Mistuki has no solid proof of Takayuki "ditching" her, but Haruka KNOWS that Takayuki did.
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