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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
A rough episode for Mikoto. Sadly in terms of her tactics she might be even worse than the clones in being able to deal with this guy. It's not surprising, when you are that elite amongst the elites relying on your ability to solve problems is natural. The clones are already the underdogs so they fight like it. This had to be a shocking encounter. Touma was a challenge to deal with for Mikoto in the first season, but he never felt like someone impossible to take on. At least Mikoto felt like she could possibly win with the right tactics. Against Accelerator she's dead without the clones stepping in.

It was something watching her just outright snap and go all out. Sadly going all out didn't get her very far. That's not someone she can fight head on.
You do know that the clones most likely have already fought him many times already, right? Just going by their numbers alone means that many have already gone through this. We also know that there's cameras everywhere which the clone in the last episode was talking through so it means they're sharing information so the next clone can go better.

Misaka was going in blind so of course she wouldn't be able to do much.
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