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i5-2500 (non-K) and slappin' new GTX970 4Gb and no problem. I hit a hurdle yesterday (after I got my own copy to finally activate after taking down the security suite) and got stuck in a continuous download loop for the 5Gb patch (I must've dl'ed somewhere around 10-15Gb until I called it quits and tinkered with the files to break this infernal cycle ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) ), but today everything's a-okay. And holy guacamole, is Los Santos really a beautiful spot...much more colorful, vast and animated than the gray and gritty Liberty City. Loving every square inch of it, even though I have yet to thoroughly explore it.

Though right now I feel for Michael, who (in my campaign) lives in a scrumptious mansion with only $27 in his pocket, while Franklin is running circles around his run-down 'hood with a half-million bucks (courtesy of the extra money offered with the boxed retail copy). Gotta love the irony.

The storyline is good and not as full-blown-whack as TBOGT was (that one...was weird; at least GTAV is trying to keep it real).

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