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Meh, just watched the raw cause i thought it'd be a awesome ep. Can't say it totally isn't, but it was pretty lame. Amagai has a asthetically appealing release, but heck, its hax. And i'm betting 2 bucks that next episode ichigo overcomes it either by raw power, by using hollow or goes visit zangetsu ojii san.

As for raison d'etres, Bleach never had any convincing ones, tbh. Renji? "You made rukia get a death sentence, so i'm going to kill you! I know you're coming here to save her, but i'm still going to kill you anyway!" Byakuya? "cause central 46 said so" Tousen? "Because murder is righteous" Kenpachi? CAUSE I LIKE FIGHTING AND FIGHTING AND FIGHTING AND FIGH- Ichigo? "FRIENDS! PROTECT! RAWWRR BANKAI!!!" Who else did i miss out?

I get a feeling animes like bleach try to add a level of maturity by mixing in a grey area of good/bad by showing that the bad guys still have a screwed righteous reason for doing so, but the show itself has such a clear delineation between good and bad that you end up with this kind of stuff, 'hey, i think you sound kinda right. But the character profile says you're evil. So i'm gonna kill you ^_^' Bleh.
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