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Originally Posted by therationalpi View Post
Well, I appreciated the joke.

Back on topic. I would say that I was somewhat inspired by the show and this video:

I've been a musician pretty much my whole life, but I've never learned how to play a string instrument. I think it's partly because I am cross-dominant (write with my right, but do a lot of other things left-handed) and when I tried to learn before people treated me like a "pure" righty. Turns out I play guitar/bass left-handed, so I think I may have gotten past a major stumbling block.

The other thing is that the standard rock band instruments are very popular, and I somehow felt myself "above" playing them. Only now am I looking at it all and saying, "Wait a minute, that looks fun. Why did I think I was too good for this?"

That said, I plan to pick up a bass in the very near future (Left-handed, of course).
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