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Originally Posted by Soji View Post
Adan@ That's true. Still see Yamada in the cover use fire or with a fire aura. But no matter that I know about Arka and her fragment ...this still take me by surprise.Now if this is his fragment ,i wonder how strong this fire (?) fragment is or how much strong can become with this in the future(well if he survive all this...think that I suppose he will do).
So i suppose the true mystery left now is who AnN trully is(If yamada had the fire fragmen i think we can say that he and AnN dont are the same people ) and what connection Yamada and AnN have .since she appeared and talk to him alone.
but there's also a possibility that it's just a Zero fragment, mimicing the first fragment it's ever encounter/memorized
*stare at Archlight*
Originally Posted by Soji View Post
Adan I think we all want this after this cover. To see Yamada con something like this(even if only in the cover). At least ...I think now we know (maybe)how he will free himself.
by burning her binding along with her clothes LOL .........................0_o! did i just say HER?! to Yamada?!
I'm starting to forget his gender!!
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