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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by kagato3 View Post
No, they are The merchant alliance.
Go back to ep 3.
You too. They're the "Economic Alliance of Free Merchants and Southern Independant Cities".

they control 60% of all wheat trade (pretty much anything that isn't local)
In the South. And up until Maou came, it was all flowing from Central to the South anyway.

and if so desired are powerful enough to dethrone nearly any of centrals kings
Any one King, maybe. But they're picking a fight with all of Central. Besides, they'd probably have to start using subtle means to weaken their target first. Or they'd expose themselves to a decidedly unsubtle counter-attack.

and according to Maou human life rests on "this monster's back". They are centrals suply lines. You also assume they will have the needed money to pay people to do anything. They have a nasty inflation spiral going and reniging on contracts doesn't set much trust with the mercenary armies the central lords use.
There's only that much money in the world. And their plan, it seems, is to hoard food, presumably to sell it at huge prices afterward. That's not going to endear them to the population.

Originally Posted by Newhope View Post
Basically he's buying as much Wheat as he can to reduce the amount of food in circulation which increases it's price, eventually it'll get to the point where money will in essence become worthless. Farmers and other producers will also start becoming more wary of selling further reducing the amount of food, in the end it'll end up in a artificial food drought.

When your starving who are you going to listen to the Church or the people paying you with food?
Well, here's the thing. If I'm starving, not being employed by the Alliance, and the highest authority in the land tells me it's ok to put the bastards hoarding all the food to the sword and just take their granaries, I'm going to lend a serious ear.
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