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Which would have been a great plan if they'd sold their contracts last year.

The way things are, they need the prices to keep rising until next harvest when they collect the wheat (if they don't get stiffed by powerful nobles or royals with standing armies) when things are already at a breaking point. (as in, oops, they've already started a war.) And who knows what that's going to do to the price of wheat once the dust settles?
Went back and checked a bit more of the episode. They actually don't have to store that much of the Wheat. They needed to throw a monkey wrench in the processes. They'll make money in the situation, but that's not the only play. They're manipulating the market. Once a Deflationary Spiral sets in, everyone starts hording/not selling, but since this is also a major staple food, all of the people start hording before the price completely skyrockets.

Doing that in the major capital would cause a chain reactions of both higher trade and massively constrained supplies, as the open market for Wheat contracts rapidly. It's the opposite of the reason for an Economic Bubble, but its the same effect. It's just, if you can time the market, you can make a killing. Oh, and mess up any plans for a War.
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