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Which would have been a great plan if they'd sold their contracts last year.

The way things are, they need the prices to keep rising until next harvest when they collect the wheat (if they don't get stiffed by powerful nobles or royals with standing armies) when things are already at a breaking point. (as in, oops, they've already started a war.) And who knows what that's going to do to the price of wheat once the dust settles?
Your not looking at the full picture. All you are looking at is the secondary plan. What has happend is by selling the wheat futures the nobles have gotten a large influx of useable assets that allow them to hire a large number of mercenary forces. Being able to do this allows them to push the wars time table up by a few months so they will do so now, in winter durring a "food shortage". So the nobles are goint to end up, broke or atacking with an army of cold and hungery men of questionable loyalty or both.
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