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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
Needless to say... I'd day one this game.

Thing is, there aren't any eroge stores around me (that I know of anyway XD), and I'd be damned to pay so much for shipping + custom fees. Not only that, I don't even know if it'll cross the border, as customs right now tend to confiscate anything that even resembles to be loli (and that russian president is the epitome ).

So yeah... I hope that one store that usually comes to my cons manages to 'smuggle' some copies over the border, but that would mean waiting until summer next year. Oh well, it's not as if I'm in a hurry to play it, considering I pretty much bought Mangagamer's catalogue lol.
It'd be highly likely that there will be a download edition as well so you won't have to worry about any shipping/customs fees (or anyone looking at the item)
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