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Originally Posted by ZeKeR View Post
Ping... she has "Aoi" in her name... and I'm sure that she's quite a flirt (?!) since I saw her take off her traditional kimono to reveal a leotard.
Character appears in volume 6, beach story was adapted from volume 6.5. All I can tell you is that she's a 3rd year.

Originally Posted by ZeKeR View Post
also, it will be quite lulzy to add a teacher (*cough* Akira should be in Fumizuki to add even more lulz *cough*) thats also gunning for Akihisa since she will have a new b(t)oy to teach... A LOT (*cough* as if Akira suggesting WINcest isnt enough *cough*)
Shawn Michaels will be so proud.
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