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Originally Posted by Syed_Seinaru_Migi View Post
Ermmm ....Touma should working together often with other 2 there are something that touma cannot do but the other can, ....i Like hamazura called Touma 'Boss'
I like Hamazura calling him boss too, but I wonder why couldn't Accelerator just jump down and smash through the concrete himself instead of waiting for him to appear

...I mean, sure I get what Kamachi is trying to do, but still... People are gonna ask...

Originally Posted by Flere821 View Post
'Gremlin', huh... guess it just goes to show the early spoilers weren't accurate, as my source had said it was 'Crimson'

And yeah, I agree with the creepy factor of that message painted in the walls >.>
I suspected it was more likely to be [Gremlin], given the hybrid-uncertain nature of Radiosonde Castle, and everybody knows what a Gremlin is...

...I knew it.... Those bastards are back...

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