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Originally Posted by Okashira View Post
With the not so really sexual tension between Narumi and Jun and the added hints of a complicated background, this series has been close to the top of my reading list for a while.
Seems tho that the tension will rise, Narumi is alot more conscious of Jun(maybe not sexaully but just generally) and Jun now having to pay even more attention to Narumi.

I wasn't sure on the wrong picture thingy, I thought she just thinks the people in it are a couple or something and she's now alot more conscious of that as well.
Altho it hinting at something about her past job could be it.

Well depending on how you look at things, it's been very itneresting development from the start.
Altho I'm still not sure where this is going, couldn't even guess but am still very much enjoying it.

Also of note is how Jun is made aware of how he treats Ririko and the thing is he doesn't brush it off as nothing, that should prove a point for later.

The shower scene was great in manys ways.
I agree with Okashira on how we get to see her thoughts about things but yea, it was more than enough for some Narumi service!
And to top things off we get cuddly drunk Narmui again!

So onwards to the beach!?
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