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Originally Posted by Rydrallen View Post
Technically on 1 vs 1 setting, Touma would have been toasted by the plasma after lying nearly unconscious on the ground.

Mikoto and the sisters helped in that fight.

Maybe the scientists were not aware of the fact that it's one level 5 vs one broken level 0 + thousands of level 3?
Depends on the kind of help.

The Imoutos technically didn't booster Kamijou's powers nor did they weaken Accelerator to any significant level. And they certainly didn't directly engage him.

Regardless of all that its still suppose to be impossible for the Level 0 to beat Accelerator in a fist fight, the margin is too wide. Think about it this way- its not about a level 0 beating a level 5, but rather a Level 5 losing to a Level 0... if you get my drift
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