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Originally Posted by Estavali View Post
It seems that there's a new carrier CI that requires the executing carrier to have at least both dive and torp bombers equipped.

Spoiler for Taken from the Bahamut and NGA forums respectively:

Add-on: It seems that Sara's white Mk. II is the night-fighter carrier while her black Mk. II is the armored carrier (no night-fighting).
You sure its not that her Measure 1 form attacks with guns, while the measure 21 with planes? They both have Yasen colored planes and it makes little to no sense to restrict it to measure 1 oO

Edit: apparently Measure 1 can attack with all planes, while measure 21 can only attack with the special Yasen planes.

There are apparently also some real tough choices regarding equipment from quests...

e3: is it known whether the F5f-5 -N will be available via upgrades yet?
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