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Originally Posted by Estavali View Post
From what I gathered in the NGA forums, Sara Mk. II can't do night battle with just normal planes either. The difference between the white and black Mk. IIs is that the white one doesn't need the NBO Aviation Personnel as well to activate CV night battles.

I haven't tested this out myself yet so do take my words with a pinch of salt.

On edit #3: Do you mean the F6F-5N? According to wikiwiki, nope.

I doubt so unless they change the rule about dive bombers not touching installations.
From what I read the Mod2 needs The aviation personell for everything but USN-Night planes.
If she has night planes she can apparently attack.

As for Installations: According to a wiki user she attacks with it during Night battles, he didn't see any during the day thouhg. And neither did I - I still got a few more runs on 5-5 though.
That being said I'm generally unimpressed with that cut in for 5-5; Never had so many retreats there before.
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