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Originally Posted by bladeofdarkness
doubt about 2nd season since kyo-ani will have more importent things to do (haruhi) so thats not likely
at least not in the near future
but what do you mean the misae's route
isnt that like saying sayuri's or akiko's route
i mean isnt she a side character
how can she have a route
If you know how long CLANNAD game is, you probably will have second thoughts on that, anyway, we're at Eps. 12, and the only finished arc is Fuuko... I can see them fitting the Tomoya's school life with the girls in a 24 eps. but including the after story? I don't think so. The chance is, a 24 eps then a break, then the continuation which can fit in a 6 to 12 eps. But that's just my opinion. And yes, they have they're own stories which can possibly be an entire episode. Specially, I think the transition from school life to after story will look weird if they decide to do it 24eps.
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