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Finally get to read 00P and 00F chapter 2

Gundam Sadulsuud is designed for massive data collecting under any condition. It can conduct data collecting for a week without any supply. Strangely, it's pilot Gundam Meister 874 can survive without food, water and oxygen replenishment for a straight 1 week. And she never appears before other people except in monitor. Maybe she's just an AI for Sadulsuud or something.

00F chapter 2 starts with the Fereshte discussing about Custom Flag. Fon deducts that Custom Flag sacrifices a lot for its mobility. First, to make it faster than normal Flag, Custom Flag has weaker armor (and I think the anti beam coating is for defense against Gundam's weapon, if it is hit by normal projectile, it may suffer heavy damage). Next, Custom Flag's prototype rifle can only fire the powerful shot that knocked off Exia once. According to Fon, Custom Flag's first few attacks were to confuse Exia and then fire the powerful shot, too bad it failed to destroy Exia with it. Lastly, Custom Flag has only enough energy to conduct one mission before being recharged. Fon remarked that Setsuna did a good decision by escaping underwater since Custom Flag can't move underwater and has no remaining energy for pursue.

The mission for chapter 2 involves Fon assisting Gundam Dynames Torpedo to stop the conflict near HRL's elevator. After weeks of armed intervention, HRL manages to counter Dynames's water sniping ability, by making its MA jamming Dynames sensor by spreading huge amount of radar jamming particle. Fon, piloting Sadulsuud Type F (it even has a Haro ) assists Lockon by using its extremely powerful radar to locate the enemy, and Dynames destroys it.
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