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Why hello there!
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Thanks for that site, seems like a good one .

Yeah, I meant Figma . I don't mind action or fixed, basically it's what I see that catches my attention. I was in Toronto only once since I became an anime fan and that was at the beginning and the only thing I recognized was FF since I had only seen Naruto and Bleach at the time.

When I seen the Fraulein line I got excited and purchased right away since they look really nice. Same thing went with Figma. The One Piece collection was a gift from my friend.

My first fixed pose might be a Matou Sakura. Just seen one and got my eye on it, however just spent a lot of money finding all the Fate/stay night DVD's so might hold off on purchasing .

I think fixed pose can be a lot better in detail if the creator puts effort into it. Hard to find though. My buddy has a Rei statue which is stunning in her under the moon pose. Probably the best quality I've ever seen.
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