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Slightly off-topic, but dealing with figurines... does anyone have any tips for finding an anime store in the states (either a good online retailer with a lot of random merch and figurines that maybe wont be as much shipping wise; or a brick and mortar) that will order figurines and such? I've tried about every comic shop I know of near me, and though they do carry a small selection of anime stuff, it's generally VERY small (and they even downsized recently >_<) with very few figurines, the bulk of which are like Final Fantasy ones and more action-ish figures (NOT Figma though, I mean like the US action figures) from like Bleach or something. Plus, about the only thing they'll order is books... and even then it is a pain sometimes, as they've lost my order, and lost my name on recurring subscription lists like Megami, several times.
You can try one of the following online sites that are located in the US. Generally I find that once they sell out, it remains sold out unless there is a reissue.

1) Kid Nemo Company
2) Toyslogic
3) Otaku Fuel
4) Twin Moon Anime
5) Anime Xing
6) Robert's Anime Corner Store
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