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Originally Posted by Potatochobit View Post sells figures to US and Canada I think. the prices are ok.

I do not recommend going to asia/china towns in the US to purchase figures.

ebay is ok for purchasing figures, just make sure the seller has great feedback, and even with shipping from asia sometimes its cheaper than anywhere else.
Well, it is not really hard to notice the difference between original and knock off. Also depend on the store, not every store sells knock offs. I often look for figures on ebay, shipping usually cost 15-25 dollars,( if the figure is cheaper than average, shipping usually cost more.)

sometimes there are good deals on or

Originally Posted by rainbow_star View Post
The Toyslogic looks good, the price is pretty good. Just don't know how much is shipping to Canada.
Anybody bought anything form them before?
you can get shipping price by updating shipping address at check out

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