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Originally Posted by Tamad View Post
Now trying to compare BECK to K-ON! is just silly. Are you saying it's unreasonable to think music wouldn't be involved at all after watching the trailer? I sure as hell didn't think "hey this anime looks like a fun little slice of life comedy but music looks like it'll definetely be an afterthought.
Not seeing concert footage in the PV should have been a tip off as to which side of the fence this one was going. That wasn't even a long PV. You saw a moe female with a guitar, knowing who buys KyoAni merchandise and thought that this was going to be a serious music title? In a recession?

Music wasn't an afterthought. You got 2 music videos (one being the ED animation), 1 insert song and 2 versions of one song and 2 versions of the OP in a 13 episode title. That's was pretty good. You also got all those instruments drawn very well in the title with one manufacturer (Fender) commenting about the show.

IIRC Beck didn't get that much attention from a manufacturer.

Using the metric thingy that they are talking about above, I saw the PV and immediately thought Linda Linda Linda when hearing that it's about high school girls and a music club.

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