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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
But I don't understand what we're supposed to do with this argument. You say "it felt rehashed, uninspired, and forced". Okay, great. It doesn't seem like everyone felt the same way, and/or they just didn't weigh that so highly in their value chain. You can keep on repeating "I knew what it was but I still didn't like it!" until you're blue in the face, but what is anyone supposed to do about that? The only answer I can think of is "I'm sorry you felt that way; I hope you'll have better luck finding a show you enjoy next time." Is that what you're after?

I can't validate your complaint because it's entirely personal. Some others may have felt that way and some others didn't. People can offer theories as to why you may have gotten certain impressions that they didn't get, but who knows. I mean, I could ask "so what are some examples of moe slice-of-life shows that you loved?", so that we could have a comparison? But if you're going to insist "the problem's not with me, so it must have been with the show!" but others don't see the big deal, where does that get us? No one can prove your personal opinions wrong, but they can't agree that they're right either if they didn't feel the same way. So it's a stalemate.

Yes -- exactly this, but flipped from the other angle. Well put. Being disappointed is, well, disappointing -- but that doesn't mean the show did something wrong. It's about your metrics. When two people measure the same show using different metrics, they're going to arrive at different conclusions, and that's okay.
Basically that and I want to make sure we're all on the same page here. There seems to be an attempt to label the disappointed and critical crowd as people that either:

a) "Didn't get it"
b) Should have read the source to know what to expect
c) Aren't rating the show on the right grounds for what it is trying to be
d) All of the above

That's just not the case for all or from what I've seen many and I'd kind of like to (but don't demand to) know where it's coming from and what the rationale behind it is.
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