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Well, it seems simple to me. It's because many of the people who are disappointed are labeling it "the show's fault". But, in a global sense, this cannot be. If two people watch the same show and arrive at very differing impressions, the difference is not the show, it's the people viewing it. So, when two people watch the same anime but arrive at different value judgements, one can only assume that they must have been looking at the anime from a different perspective or have differing values. And so people grasp at straws to try to understand what it is about that person that makes them different -- not necessarily wrong, but different. Because after all, it does stand to reason that if you did happen to have the same valuations as those who enjoyed the show, you probably would have enjoyed it too. In all cases -- and yes, I'm going to say it -- the show "is what it is". Our perspectives are all that differ. Having these discussions is as much about understanding the show as it is about understanding each other.
Well you make it sound logical, but then I thought to myself....

Yeah, as the saying goes... "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Yes, you can look at it this way.

But then what determines greatness? When someone comes up to me and gives me a movie saying "It's a great American classic!" What does that actually mean? Because with your logic, we could consider just about anything to be great.
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