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Originally Posted by orion View Post
Music wasn't an afterthought. You got 2 music videos (one being the ED animation), 1 insert song and 2 versions of one song and 2 versions of the OP in a 13 episode title. That's was pretty good.
Exactly, it's not that the song variety in K-ON! was bad. It just that they decided to treat the songs as special events as opposed to an everyday occurrence. Hence why we didn't get a song played every single episode.

Granted "special" can be partially subjective. For certain the members of the band itself would consider the time spent playing together to be a special event. However an outsider may not.

On a side note, when it comes to those series that play a song every single episode. In the case of some of those series, the songs are treated more like "weapons" than anything else.

That and sometimes it feels like the only reason a song gets played during the episode is to fulfill some quota. Kind of like how a monster of a week series must have a monster appear each week just for heck of it.
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