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While I agree that there was some odd animating in the ending concert, I have to say the Haruhi concert scene also had its share of odd looking animation as well. Both of them kinda bothered me, but in all I enjoyed this ending. Also, since there seems to be some great debate going on about this, I came into this show with no pretenses or assumptions. Just picked it up on a whim.

I like how the series went full circle, going back to the first episode with her dialogue to herself and also going back to their first concert together by ending with Fuwa Fuwa Time. I really actually would have liked to hear another new song, but since it's the "final episode," I really don't think they could have ended on any song other than Fuwa Fuwa Time and gotten the same effect.

What really got me is when Mugi started playing again after they had finished the song. I'm not sure why, but that moment got me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, and for me, that's what really sealed the deal on this episode for me. Also, Mugi in that blue dress was pretty hot. I'm also a fan of ponytails.
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